Sedation vs Non-Sedation

Every person who comes for wisdom tooth surgery will be made comfortable during their procedure. We recommend I.V. sedation to patients with impacted wisdom teeth and to patients who have anxiety about the surgery. The type of I.V. sedation that we use is known as a "twilight state", where the patient is relaxed and "sleepy", able to follow simple directions by the doctor, and is responsive. Most patients report that they have no recollection of the surgery, only coming out of the sedation after. We will allow your family and friends who have accompanied you to the appointment to join us while you are waking from the sedation. If you choose to forgo I.V. sedation and stay awake for the procedure you will be numb and therefore not feel any pain but you will be aware of the surgery. Most people choose to go to sleep. Up to you, you’ll have a great experience either way.

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