For Parents

First of all relax.  Every team member at the Chisdak Surgery Center is a specialist in this field and is very caring and friendly.  We will answer all of your questions at the consult prior to the surgery date.  We understand that for many of you this is probably the first surgery that your child has had and that you want it to be a positive experience with a great outcome.  We will do everything we can to make your child say “That wasn’t bad at all!”  You will be in our office for approximately an hour, although the surgery itself is only 20 or so minutes.  If your child is sedated we will bring you to one of our recovery suites after the surgery so that you can be with your child as they wake up.  The best part about this surgery is the tiny little window you will get with your child as they come out of the twilight sedation. Often times they are unusually cuddly, rather hilarious, and super honest.  You’re welcome!

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