Wisdom Teeth

Third molars, commonly referred to as wisdom teeth, are usually the last four of 32 teeth to make their appearance in your mouth, usually between the ages of 17 and 25. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth are not wise at all. In fact, sometimes their “grand appearance” doesn’t happen. Instead, they remain hidden below your gum line, or if they do appear, they are hard to care for. Dr. Chisdak’s surgery center specializes in the removal of wisdom teeth. We have perfected the wisdom tooth experience to the point that many patients have made the comment that their surgery experience was actually fun!

We start your experience with a complementary exam to discuss your specific situation, answer all your questions, and prepare you for your big day. On the day of surgery, most patients are in and out of our office in under an hour and are back to their normal routine within a few days to a week. Our exceptional staff does all they can to ensure your experience with us will be a positive one.

We offer complimentary exams for all wisdom teeth patients. Are you In pain? Has your doctor recommended that you have your wisdom teeth removed? Simply have general questions? Our highly trained team is here to help you. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service and patient care. We want to provide you with a positive surgical experience that you will tell your friends about.

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