There are many reasons a tooth needs to be removed. These reasons might include cavities, periodontal disease, or trauma.  Regardless of the reason, our treatment for removing one or several teeth is simple and virtually pain-free. We start your experience with an exam to evaluate your specific situation, give you the opportunity to ask questions, and discuss your treatment options or any anxieties that you have.  Together, we will discuss and determine if IV sedation is right for you and completely prepare you for surgery.  We have perfected the patient’s experience. Every day we have patients leaving our office raving about how the procedure is simple and pain free. We will monitor you closely throughout the healing process and are available to answer your call 24 hours a day to answer your questions and concerns.  Most appointments are completed in under an hour and most patients are back to their normal routine within a few days to a week after surgery. We want you to be back to flawless in no time.

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