Implant Assurance Program

Congratulations on selecting one of the best treatment options for your long term dental health. Implants are the standard of care to replace missing teeth. They are one of the most predictable and trouble free treatments in all of medicine. We expect a lifetime of success from your dental implant. Our reputation has been built on our commitment to your absolute satisfaction.

After your dental implant has been placed and the crown has been seated, we would like to continue to care for your implant. Dental implants have a very low rate of problematic issues and have an even lower rate of failure. A remarkable fact about implants is that when they do have issues the problem can most often be resolved simply and effectively when the issue is caught early. We want the opportunity to monitor your dental implant for the next few years after the crown is placed. We have found that we can help you avoid any major issues with your implant if we watch for simple tell-tale signs in the coming years. We will also provide your general dentist with the information we gather from these exams so that they can have a baseline for monitoring your implant for the rest of your life.

The Implant Assurance Program includes exams and x-rays that are at no cost to you. It is our way to ensure that we are providing care to our patients that goes beyond what is standard or expected.  Follow-up appointments that are required for the Implant Assurance Program are short visits that entail a physical and radiographic exam of the implant. We are one of the only ones in the country that are specially trained for this type of follow up program. We are proud of our reputation and thank you for choosing us.

We would like a commitment from you to participate in this follow-up implant care. Your participation will earn you our guarantee that there will not be any cost to you related to any possible future surgical treatment needed to care for your implant. A crown of the implant is provided by your general dentist and therefore we cannot make any guarantees regarding the crown. We also cannot be responsible for issues with the implant in the future if you do not participate in the Implant Assurance Program. We are confident that together we can provide you with a beautiful healthy implant that will last a lifetime.

Thank you,

Brian Chisdak, M.D., D.M.D.

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